Dachshund mix Age: Young Adult Sex: Female

I AM A VERY SWEET EX STRAY LOOKING FOR URGENT FOSTER OR ADOPTION! Hi, let me introduce myself: my name is Dolcina, I am a wonderful ex-stray, I'm 2 and a half years and I weight 18 kg.

I wandered for a while in the unenclosed property of a volunteer, Francesca. I was so afraid of the human being. I could be approached when there was nobody around. People chased me away, I was not welcome in that area. There were other dogs with me, about 12. We were all wary. I gave birth to 7 puppies and the volunteer helped me save them from evil people who wanted to kill them.

Now finally after a long time I trusted Francesca and let myself be pampered, slowly I managed to gain confidence, love works miracles. Can you help me find a family that loves me? CAN YOU HOST ME FOR A PERIOD OR ADOPT ME?? I am sterilized, vaccinated and micro chipped, I can go to northern\central Italy and abroad!

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