Can you help us to fill our food bowls?

To always have enough food for our nearly 500 dogs is one of our biggest wishes We need to order a load of dry food again and want kindly ask you to help us with that?

King, our three legged furry friend, is asking for his 500 companions at Furever Rescue Foster. Will you be the one who help to fill their bellies?

Smax gives us the best prices, please while buying say that you are buying for fureverfoster for a discount!

1 bag of SMAX 20 kg dry food is 340 LE / 19 EUR / 22 USD


Half bag of 10 kg is 170 LE / 10 EUR / 11 USD

You can help us in 4 different ways: 1- Donating, Please go to Donate page

2- We can also send a driver to pick up a food donation or if you want to bring us dry food to our Shelter and meet King and his 500 companions at the same time ... really any help for food is very appreciated.

We will surely show photos from the delivery which we can hopefully order with your help!


محتاجين داري فوود المخزون الي عندنا خلص و محتاجين ضروري يا ريت الي يقدر يساعد يبعت لينا او يجي يشرفنا و يلعب مع الكلاب شويه ويوصله بنفسه و ممكن حد يجي ياخده بنفسه كل الاوبشن متاحه Smax بتدينا احسن سعر علشان شيلتر ال ٢٠ كيلو ب ٣٤٠ جنيه بس مجرد ما تكلموهم و تقولوا لشيلتر furever شكرا مقدما

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